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Grandmaster Myung Yong Kim is the Founder of JinJungKwan Hapkido.  He has been instructing for over 40 years and still personally instructs students in the class.

Grandmaster Myung Yong Kim has three instructional Hapkido books available through Amazon.com.  First book is Power Hapkido Essential Techniques.  2nd book is Power Hapkido - 1st Dan Essentials.  Both of the books are available in paperback or kindle format.  The third book, Power Hapkido Master Essentials, is only available in paperback format. 

You can purchase the books in either full color or black and white.  These books were put together with as many pictures as possible to show you step by step how to execute each of the techniques.

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The first book covers the following:
    Abdominal breathing exercises
    Over 40 kicks (single, combination, special kicks)
    Hand strikes to the opponent
    Over 120 Self Defense Techniques (from wrist grabs, sleeve grabs, belt grabs, punch/kick defenses)

The second book covers the following:
    Advanced breathing exercises called Ki Hap Bup.
    Advanced wrist grab techniques.
    Offensive breaking, striking and throwing techniques.
    Kinfe defense techniques.
    Chest grab techniques.

The third book covers the following:
    Advanced master level breathing exercises.
    Counter Defenses
    Advanced Kicks
    Short Stick techniques (Dan Bong)
    Cane techniques

Learn from the very best, Grandmaster Myung Yong Kim!


JinJungKwan Hapkido is the most dominant form of Hapkido practiced in Korea today. 

Hap means "joining", Ki means "internal energy", and Do means "way", meaning, the "way of joining energy".

Jin means "true", Jung means "the people", and Kwan means "school".  This is best understood as "the school for teaching the true art of Hapkido to the people".

Hapkido is a fully comprehensive martial art and its practitioners learn a large variety of kicks, strikes, joint locks, throws, pinning techniques, weapons (short stick, cane, rope), and the use of pressure points.  As suggested by the "KI" in Hapkido, Hapkido practitioners learn breathing exercises (called danjun hohup) to strengthen their internal energy or "KI".  The Ki is then used to generate substantial force in performing Hapkido kicks, strikes, and techniques.  Hapkido practitioners might use a kick, non-kicking strike, or a pressure point to disable an oppnent.  Alternatively, these techniques might be used to control an opponent's balance and then use a variety of joint locks or throws to disable an opponent.

If you are interested in becoming a true martial artist and wish to learn the "gentleman's" martial art,  we encourage you to stop by our location for a free trial class.

Location:    16901 Park Row      Houston, Tx 77084
                    At the corner of Park Row and South Creek (inside the JELEC building).
                    It is on Park Row, between Park Ten Blvd and Barker Cypress.

Hours of Operation:      Tuesdays        630 pm - 8 pm
                                        Saturdays      0930am - 11am

Contact Information
:       Mr. J. Kim         832-661-1074    jkim6622@comcast.net


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