Jin Jung Kwan HapKiDo - Houston

G.M. Kim Biography

1959 - at the age of 17 Myung Yong Kim started training Hapkido at 
          Seung Moo Kwan School under Grandmaster Ji Han Jae.          

1964 - reaches his 4th Korea Hapkido Association Dan.

1965 - teaches at the Sung Dong dojang in Korea

1967 - reaches his 5th Dan Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido.

1968 - Hapkido instructor in the military camp of Wang Shim Ri.

1969 - officially opens the second Jin Jung Kwan dojang under the KHA.

1970 - becomes 6th Dan in the KHA.

1971 - on December 26th Myung Yong Kim received his 7th Dan in the KHA.

1973 - opens third Jin Jung Kwan dojang in Sung Dong Korea.

1974 - opens fourth Jin Jung Kwan dojang.

1975 - Grandmaster Myung Kim emigrated to the United States of America.

          He also opens a Hapkido dojang in Chicago Milwaukee.

          GM Chang Soo Lee takes over Jin Jung Kwan in Korea from GM 

               Myung Yong Kim.

1976 - GM Kim moves to Fullerton.

1977 - September, GM Kim returns to Korea.

          GM Kim opens Jin Jung Kwan headquarters in Myung Mok Dong


1980 - in May of this year he returns to Chicago and opens another dojang.

1982 - moves down to Houston, Texas.

1983 - in March, he opens Kim's Hapkido dojang in the 9300 block of Long 

          Point, Houston Texas.

1993 - he is promoted to 9th Dan by the Korea Hapkido Federation.

2012 - He promotes GM Michael Rhoades to 8th Dan in JJK Hapkido.
           GM Rhoades is the only person in the United States and Europe to
           receive 8th dan.

Currently, GM Myung Yong Kim is president of the Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido and continues to teach Hapkido.

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